The Opqo license is JSON formatted that is stored in the STAUTOSCRIPT.STLICENSE Maximo Automation Script. When you first install Opqo the free five (5) user license is automatically configured for you, an example of this is seen below.  

license = {
  "customerid": "4397c905-7408-4a1f-ad4e-4123391bb01b",
  "type": "USAGE",
  "expires": "2021-10-31T00:00:00",
  "features": [
      "feature": "STAM"
  "signature": "kfWT7LbEWR5Q42A7JIhRIUrbfd3je8PGALcme6MRltjXu3jcVQRLYWPd9lkSNEvvmfNc1gH6hAmD8E/g463TNytyfv96ueciz6eptLZsky24JMtDqw+aPuWfKN2xA7S2+9qje69RpqXIjo38EXbFcxX+27Sf2CEKSmDN5puxB8sQEFB7wdxOPn52mb9URKZOymUOrYpV8WwoyEjX6TM2uco7MGyTxNOKXdmkkoejsUOEum6v2AdC0NXxNSYspPg9BCW9NeMB8982Vgq0t/3csrSG4zUfdQiqWeF0zeRCp9leJX8VhYSB+lo+2/TgpzoDNa/dLHS0ADH1gYNFkVMU5Q\u003d"

Manual Installation

You may obtain a license directly from Sharptree or one of our resellers, in this case you may simply replace the contents of the STAUTOSCRIPT.STLICENSE Maximo Automation Script with the text from the license file provided.

Automated Installation


To use the automated license installation, your server must be able to connect to our customer console api at The steps for importing the Let's Encrypt CA certificate can be followed here

Configuration Steps

If you have registered an Maximo configuration with the Sharptree Customer Console, as described here, you can register then API key provided with the configuration in your Maximo instance.  The API Key is displayed on the configuration page, top right as shown below.

Copy the API Key and then in Maximo go to the System Configuration > Platform Configuration > System Properties application and set the value of the sharptree.apikey property to the value of the copied API Key as shown below.

Set sharptree.apikey property value

After setting the value, select the checkbox to the left of the system property and select Live Refresh to complete the process of updating the property value.  The system will then automatically fetch and update your license from the Sharptree servers.

Live Refresh system property