With usage based licensing, you are billed based on the number of unique, active users each month.  An active user is a user who has successfully logged into the app at least once during a given month.

Usage-based licensing requires that usage is collected and reported to our customer console.

There are 2 options for this:

  1. Usage is reported directly from the Opqo app to our customer console
  2. Usage is recorded by your Maximo environment, and then reported either automatically or manually to our customer console.

The steps for setting up each of these options can be found here:

  1. Usage reporting from the Opqo app
  2. Usage Reporting from Maximo

The table below provides a comparison between the two options.

Reporting directly from the Opqo appReporting via Maximo
Requires the Maximo environment to be registered in our customer console, and the environment API Key to be set in a Maximo system property.Requires the Maximo environment to be registered in our customer console, and the environment API Key to be set in a Maximo system property.
No additional Maximo configuration required.Requires additional Maximo setup to create a table in Maximo to record usage data.
Requires the app to be able to access our customer console.Requires either:
  1. Maximo to be able to access our customer console to upload usage, or
  2. Manual extraction and submission of usage data to our customer console

Currently there is no self-service method to review usage information as this is still in development.

In the meantime, we are happy to provide copies of the usage data on request.
Allows review of data being collected and submitted

What usage data is collected?

The data we collect is designed so that it does not contain information would allow us or any external party to identify your users or any related information.  It is designed so that you can use this to reconcile against your Maximo environment, if necessary.

Specifically, we periodically collect the following from active, logged in users:

  • The date and time the usage occurred.
  • The MAXUSERID for the user.  This is the numeric, unique id field from the MAXUSER table.  This allows us to count distinct users, and allows you to cross reference back to specific users as necessary.
  • A hash that is a fingerprint of the Maximo environment.  This allows us to distinguish issues with possible duplicate reporting from multiple Maximo environments, and allows you to verify the usage is for a specific environment.
  • If the reporting is from Maximo, there are also some rolling hashes of usage records that allow us to verify the usage tracking is functioning correctly.

If you have specific concerns, would like more information, or to see specific examples, please contact us or create a ticket, and we will be happy to assist.