In simple terms, in Opqo the roles are defined as follows:

  • Technician: Responsible for performing the work.
  • Manager: Responsible for managing the work to be performed by a team.

Currently, the difference can be seen in the method of determining "assigned" work orders.  i.e. the work orders that appear for the user on the device.  This allows managers to have visibility over the work orders assigned to their team.

As we develop more widgets and support more processes in  Opqo, you'll see the functionality available to these roles increase.

Role Assignment

A user is assigned one or more roles as follows:

  • Technician: If they are a member of the STAMTECH Maximo security group
  • Manager: If they are a member of the STAMMGR Maximo security group

NOTE: Support for users belonging to both STAMTECH and STAMMGR groups was introduced in Opqo 21.06.0. In prior versions, if a user is a member of both the STAMTECH and STAMMGR group, they will be identified as a manager only, and will only see work orders per the Manager detail, below.