Maximo can be configured to capture usage information and  periodically report usage to Sharptree via an Automation Script triggered by a Cron Task.


In order to use Maximo usage reporting, your server must be able to connect to our customer console api at

Our customer console uses an SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt.  The Let's Encrypt CA certificate must be trusted by the Maximo JVM. The steps for importing the Let's Encrypt CA certificate can be followed here.

Execute DBC Scripts

Sharptree uses DBC scripts to create the Opqo usage tracking table for simple installation and to enable future upgrades.

The installation process will require an outage but will not require a rebuild or redeploy of the Maximo EAR file.

To install the Sharptree usage tracking table, unzip the file to the IBM SMP installation directory on the Maximo Administrative Workstation, for example on Windows C:\IBM\SMP or on RHEL or Ubuntu /opt/IBM/SMP.


Shutdown the WebSphere Maximo JVMs using the IBM WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console or command line administrative scripts.


Open a terminal console on the Maximo Administrative Workstation and navigate to the [SMP_HOME]/maximo/tools/maximo directory, where [SMP_HOME] is the IBM SMP installation directory.  Run the updatedb.bat if on Windows or the file if on RHEL or Ubuntu.  Wait for the process to complete and then restart the Maximo JVMs.


That’s it, simple.