You've successfully logged into the application, but you're not seeing the work orders you expected.

Here are some common issues that you can check.  If you're unable to identify the problem, please do not hesitate to contact us or create a support ticket for more assistance.

I'm not seeing any work orders

The user must logout all sessions to pickup new permissions

The STAMTECH/STAMMGR security groups may grant the user more Maximo permissions than they had previously.  A common case is READ access to the MAXDOMAIN object.

In order for these new permissions to be picked up, the user must logout all Maximo sessions from all sources(e.g. web UI, other mobile applications).  This is because Maximo caches a user's security permissions while they have any open sessions.

Without doing this, Opqo will be unable to access the necessary data in Maximo, and work orders will not be displayed. Unfortunately, the Opqo application does not currently show these errors.  This is scheduled to be included in a coming version.

If this does not resolve the issue, Maximo may have existing orphaned sessions for the user.  These can either be manually ended by an Administrator, or they will be cleaned up by Maximo after the session timeout.

Ensure the user has appropriate data permissions

In addition to the user being in either the STAMTECH or STAMMGR security groups, the user must also be granted permissions to the functions and data that they are working with.

Typically, if the user can see the records and perform the functions in Maximo, they will also be able to do so in Opqo.

The one exception to this case is if the user is granted site permissions only via the MAXADMIN group.  In this case, they will not see work orders in Opqo, and will need to be granted permissions to the necessary site(s) via additional security groups.