When Opqo is installed in a Maximo environment, it makes Maximo configuration changes as described here.

The installed automation script, STAUTOSCRIPT.STAMVERSION, contains the Opqo version details:

  • appVersion:  the version of the Opqo that performed the Maximo configuration, 
  • configVersion: the version of the Maximo configuration that was performed.  This is an internal version number that we use to manage Maximo configuration.  Note that not every Opqo release has new Maximo configuration changes, and hence multiple app versions may share the same config version. 

If you do not have access to the Automation Scripts application in Maximo, but have a Maximo login, you can obtain the version information from this script as follows:

  1. Login into the Maximo UI in your browser
  2. Change the path in the browser window to: maximo/oslc/script/STAUTOSCRIPT.STAMVERSION

This will return the version details from the script.

Alternatively, if you have read access to the database, you can retrieve this information using the following query: