Opqo supports the ability for users to record notes against a work order task.  However, this feature requires additional configuration to make it available, as standard Maximo does not have an obvious field to record the notes to.

To enable task notes, identify the field you wish to record the notes to, and add a configuration map to the moduleconfig section of the STAUTOSCRIPT.STAMCONFIG automation script with the following properties:

Property NameValue
notesFieldThe Maximo field name in which to store the task notes.
This can be a standard or custom field, and is ideally a long description field.

For example, to store task notes in the task long description field, add a module configuration like this:

appConfig = {
  "moduleconfig": [
      "module": "WorkDetailTasksListModule",
      "notesField": "description_longdescription"

Important Note:

If the field used for task notes is a non-persistent field (such as the description_longdescription field, above), the field must be added to the STAMWODETAIL object structure as an included field.

If this is not done, the task notes will not be recorded, as by default, non-persistent fields are excluded from object structures

Note: For more information on Opqo configuration and the role and contents of the STAUTOSCRIPT.STAMCONFIG script, see the Configuration Overview article.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us or create a support ticket for more assistance.