You've defined an inspection form in Maximo, but that form is not showing correctly in Opqo.

There are fields on the form that are not displaying

IBM is continuing to add new features and field types to Maximo inspection forms.  These new features are appearing in MAS8 versions, and are added to Maximo via the installation of Maximo Mobile.

We're continually working to keep Opqo inspection forms support up to date, but there will be small periods where we don't support all features.

We're currently aware of and working on adding support for the following:

  • Multiple Selection fields

If you're seeing a different issue, please do not hesitate to contact us or create a support ticket for more assistance.

I get an error "Exception: Type null is not a subtype of String" when I try to open an inspection

This is an issue in versions of Opqo up to and including 22.02.0, and is caused by the presence of conditions set on Numeric Entry fields on the form.

Opqo 22.04.0 contains a fix that will allow the form to be displayed and worked with, but without applying the conditions. Opqo 22.05.0 adds support for the conditions.