You're working on a work order, and you'd like to add an unscheduled inspection but the menu option does not appear. You're running Opqo 23.01.0 or later.


The Maximo system property exists:

DescriptionDefine which Internal WO status where Inspection Result should be created
Default ValueWAPPR

As described, this property controls whether an inspection result is created, when an inspection form is set on a work order.

This includes inspection forms added:

  • Directly to the work order
  • To a work order task
  • To a multi asset record on the work order

The default value of this property is WAPPR, which means inspections can only be added to work orders in this status (or synonyms).

You'll note the same behaviour if you add inspection forms via the Maximo UI:  The form will be added, but no result will be generated.

Opqo 23.01.0 added support for respecting this system property, and will not show the option to "Add an Inspection"  to a work order that is disallowed by this property.

Previous versions of Opqo would allow users to add inspections to all work orders, but if the work order status internal value was not on this list, the transaction would fail with an error.


There are 2 options for resolving this issue:

  1. Add the internal statuses that in use by Opqo to this comma separated list. This will resume generation of inspection results for the work orders you see in Opqo. By default you'll want a value of:


    If you're working with work orders with statuses other than these internal status values, you'll want to add the internal status values to this list.

  2. Clear the value of this property.  This will restore the previous behaviour of generating inspection results added to the work order, regardless of the work order status.  Note that you will need to check the "Nulls Allowed?" checkbox to be able to save an empty value.