Release Date13-Jun-2023
Maximo Configuration Changes?Yes - version 1.21.1
Compatible with older versions of Opqo. 


  • Adds display of an ArcGIS map as part of the work order detail (#2344).
  • Adds ability to add an inspection to a work order from the work detail ArcGIS map (#2517).
  • Adds ability to report a followup issue for a work order from the work detail ArcGIS map (#2518).
  • Adds display of work order activities with spatial references on the work detail ArcGIS map (#2522).


  • Improve display of indicator for required inspection questions and fields (#2576).
  • Update the ArcGIS native SDKs to version 200.1 (#2578).
  • Close inspection detail screen when the inspection is completed and there are no available actions (#2577).
  • Only display the summary page for completed inspections when there are available actions (#2577).
  • Change icon used to indicate server connection state to better reflect that it is indicating server connectivity, not network connectivity (#2587).


  • Fix issue where ArcGIS feature attributes are not displayed in consistent order (#2608).
  • Fix issue where duplicate assets and locations may be displayed from assigned work orders, when creating an inspection or reporting an issue (#2614).