Release Date31-Jul-2023
Maximo Configuration Changes?Yes - version 1.23.3
Compatible with older versions of Opqo. 


  • Add support for Maximo REST API endpoints configured with Maximo forms authentication (#1425).
  • Add ability to set the work order coordinates from the work detail ArcGIS map (#1896).
  • Add ability to update the linear extents of a work order (#1903).
  • Add ability to set the asset/location on a work order, via search or from the work detail ArcGIS map (#2499).
  • Add display of linear work order extents on work order detail and ArcGIS maps (#2638, #2699).
  • Update inventory count to add the ability to review and re-count items counted in the current count session. This is enabled on non-adhoc counts by default (#2663).
  • Add support for user location tracking auto-pan modes for ArcGIS maps (#2671).
  • Add compass indicator showing map rotation on ArcGIS map (#2675).


  • Improve the initial viewpoint of the work detail ArcGIS map to display the extent encompassing the spatial activities for the work order (#2609).
  • Improve handling of "Bad File Descriptor" HttpExceptions to retry and treat as a connectivity issue (#2690).


  • Fix issue with incorrect evaluation of task completion for tasks with both an inspection and a measure point (#2617).
  • Fix issue where work log description length was hard-coded when adding a work log (#2651).
  • Fix issue where work order description length was hard-coded when reporting an issue (#2651).
  • Fix issue where inspection text field response length was hard-coded when performing an inspection (#2651).
  • Fix issue with display of failure list records with no description (#2668).
  • Fix issue where ArcGIS layer name may be shown instead of the configured layer name, when viewing selected feature details (#2669).