You're configuring an inventory count, and when there are no bin filters Opqo indicates it matches the correct number of records, but when a bin filter is added Opqo indicates it matches zero records.  You've confirmed that there are inventory balances in the currently selected storeroom that match the bin filter.


The search type of the INVBALANCES.BINNUM attribute has been changed from WILDCARD to EXACT in database configuration.

Opqo converts all entered bin filters into wildcard searches if they do not contain a wildcard.  e.g. an entered bin filter of BIN-A- is converted to BIN-A-%.  

When the search type is EXACT, Maximo translates the REST API call that Opqo makes into an exact matching SQL clause, which will not match any records.  e.g. the above bin filter is translated to 


instead of



Change the search type of the INVBALANCES.BINNUM attribute to WILDCARD.

This change results in a non-structural database configuration change, which can be applied without placing the system into Admin Mode.