Release Date24-Oct-2023
Maximo Configuration Changes?Yes - version 1.24.3
Compatible with older versions of Opqo. 


  • Add display of instructions for inspection forms and questions (#233).
  • Add display of sync activity and progress (#596).
  • Add record count and overall progress display to inventory count (#2730).
  • Add option to switch between small and large tile sizes when viewing inventory count records (#2731).
  • Add support for configuring display and editing of custom work order attributes (#2777).
  • Add ability to change inventory count uncounted item list sort direction.  Sort counted items by descending count date (#2809).


  • Upgraded application to Flutter 3.13 (#2581).
  • Improve display of bin numbers on inventory count tiles (#2731).
  • Improve display of inspection asset/location in lists and inspection detail so that the full description is displayed or accessible (#2742).
  • Improve connectivity status menu items to add tap actions consistent with settings tiles for sync, connectivity status and queue (#2786);
  • Improve handling of lower level exceptions to treat all Http and Socket exceptions as connectivity exceptions (#2789).


  • Fix issue where upgrading Opqo in environments with custom configuration extension scripts may bring the extension configuration into the base configuration (#2467).
  • Fix issue where destination bin was required when receiving items that are marked as issue on receipt (#2741).
  • Fix issue where UI may freeze for several seconds after logging into a device previously connected to an external scanner, when the scanner is not available (#2743).
  • Fix issue where purchase order work logs detail panel showed a blank grey screen (#2791).
  • Fix issue where default inventory count list does not refill as items are counted (#2806).
  • Fix issue where accessing camera may fail on Android 13 devices (#2825).
  • Fix issues that may occur when completing inspections while offline (#2840, #2846).
  • Fix issue where the transaction queue contains an error in refreshing the work order after adding an inspection to a quick report, all created offline (#2848).