Release Date
Maximo Configuration Changes?Yes - version 1.25.3
Compatible with older versions of Opqo. 


  • Add Inventory count "Full Count" provider, for configuring counts with a specified start date (#2727).
  • Add character count/max length display on text entry fields (#2868).
  • Add ability to record remarks when performing a non-countbook inventory count (#2913).

  • Add ability to record packing slip number when performing inventory receiving (#2914).

  • Add display of existing receipt transactions for purchase order lines (#2915).

  • Add support for configuring display of custom purchase order and purchase order line fields (#2912, #2916).

  • Add ability to print receipt labels when performing inventory receiving (#2922).

  • Add display of inventory count sync progress (#2921).

  • Add search to inspection form selection when creating an inspection (#2947).

  • Add ability to print receipt labels for existing purchase order line receipts (#2957).


  • Improve installation UI to show processing indicator when completing installation (#2218).
  • Prevent device from going to sleep during the inventory count sync process (#2595).
  • Prevent device from going to sleep during the installation/upgrade process (#2596).


  • Fix issue with not being able to swipe to an inspection question page containing a file upload field with a newly added attachment (#1478).
  • Fix issue where custom modules do not honor license expiry grace period (#2511).
  • Fix "Bad state: Future already completed" error (#2852).
  • Fix issue where dot-notated fields from configuration would not be correctly merged to related fields (#2184).
  • Fix issue with incorrect focus traversal on inspection forms when using the Next button on tablet devices (#2862).
  • Fix issue where linear direction was incorrectly a required value for linear data (#2859).
  • Fix to obtain tasks list notes field length from MBO metadata (#2872).
  • Fix text field length calculations to correctly include the impact of multi-byte characters (#2873).
  • Fix app crash on Android when ArcGIS map load fails because the device is offline (#2985).
  • Fix issue distinguishing between multiple SavedQueryCountModules when re-entering Inventory Count or Count configuration (#2990).