Release Date26-Mar-2024
Maximo Configuration Changes?Yes - version 1.26.2Compatible with older versions of Opqo. 


  • Add support for configuring status change rules for work order custom attribute fields (#2818).
  • Add support for camera scanning using text recognition (#2989).
  • Add support for configuring additional fields to be collected when reporting an issue (#2998).
  • Add support for limiting asset/location search to the user's default site (#2999).
  • Add support for connecting to MAS Manage development environments, and manual authentication method selection (#3072).
  • Add ability to clear selected value for a custom attribute field with a domain (#3074).
  • Add support for configuring work type as a field to be collected when reporting an issue (#3103).
  • Add support for configuring LEAD, SUPERVISOR, OWNER and other PERSONID fields to be collected when reporting an issue (#3104).


  • Upgraded application to Flutter 3.19 (#2932).
  • Improve asset/location search results display to group by site (#2999).


  • Fix "BMXAA1749E MX Collaboration data not found" error that may occur when receiving inventory (#3079).
  • Fix issue where customer extension configuration scripts could override Maximo configuration data (#3080).
  • Fix inconsistent keyboard handling when browsing inventory (#3092).
  • Fix error when custom field attribute paths were not specified in lower case (#3105).
  • Fix issue where incorrect domain values may be shown in cases where org/site and org domain values exist (#3109).
  • Fix issue where inventory ABC cycle counts may incorrectly include items that are not due to be counted (#3155).