Release Date14-May-2024
Maximo Configuration Changes?Yes - version 1.27.1Compatible with older versions of Opqo. 


  • Add work completion rule requiring the user to address an active work timer before completing a work order (#758).
  • Add support for MDM managed configurations specifying Maximo connection information (#1643).
  • Add ability to clear/modify the selected task completion option, where possible (#1884).
  • Add ability to view and add task attachments (#2951, #2952).
  • Add support for configuring custom attribute fields to be collected when reporting an issue (#3102).
  • Add ability to specify a bin range when configuring an inventory count (#3139).
  • Add option to view entered by and entered date for inspection fields, when performing an inspection (#3141).
  • Add ability to configure task completion options that set task attributes instead of changing task status (#3146).
  • Add support for enabling cross-site inventory issue via configuration (#3170).
  • Add ability to configure different work detail dashboard modules and actions based on work order criteria (#3203, #3204).
  • Add ability to configure different work detail status change rules based on work order criteria (#3205).


  • Update the ArcGIS native SDKs to version 200.3 (#2986).
  • Improve consistency in display of bottom sheet detail panel headers (#3017).
  • Improve local and remote search to allow searching for identifiers containing spaces (#3147).
  • Improve search terms syntax for online queries to better match the OSLC spec (#3215).
  • Improve local search performance and accuracy (#3217).
  • Improve search entry by disabling smart quotes, smart dashes and autocorrect (#3231).
  • Improve inspection single selection fields with colours or only single values (#3241).


  • Fix display of task completion options to use an overflow menu when there are more than three options configured (#2575).
  • Fix error when attempting to return inventory items that were issued cross-site (#3181).
  • Fix issue where inspection forms may not be available for selection when creating an inspection in a different site (#3201).
  • Fix issue where camera scanning may not work on some Android devices (#3257).
  • Fix issue where Opqo configuration via QR Code may cut off discovered environment on tablets in landscape mode (#3259).